Gary Tipladys - Autobiography - 'The Giant of the North'
The Giant of the North

About the Author

Gary Tiplady was born at home in Newcastle upon tyne in 1960, to the sound of riveters from the world famous swan hunters shipyards.
He weighed in a hefty sixteen pound.
He was educated at Benfeild road school.
On leaving school found employment as a trainee chef in a pub the Geordie pride owned by Scottish and Newcastle.
From there he went onto catering college and after that gained vast amounts of experience working in some of the best hotels in Newcastle.
He gained vast & varied cooking skills.
He Cooked for and met royalty, showbiz stars and sports celebrities along with political leaders.
Whilst participating in his profession he started to teach him self the art of lard modelling which have graced the tables of many functions.
He has exhibited nationally and has been the subject from the press and media and has won many accolades.
But what was about to happen to little legs Gary only affected one hundred people in a million and would change his life forever.
His story is a classic example along with determination how he turned his life threatening gigantism (Acromegley) into starring in a world wide Warner bros film as a second lead actor and how he overcame the cruel jibes comments and Mickey taking to turn his massive size to his gain.